Information Regarding Toilet Bowl Lights

To complete a perfect a home one needs a perfect bathroom. What better way to achieve that than to have chrome lighting. From vintage style to modern art motif, chrome lighting does this all with elegance and flair. First things first when it comes to bathroom lighting chrome. You need to know where to put the lights. With that in mind we go to the basics of light placement. The main mirror in the bathroom must always have light. You can go for the minimalist design by adding two sconces on each side of the mirror. Or you can go all out and put a light fixture above the mirror and then add the sconces on each side. The light from this set up is good enough to be your general overhead light. Next would be the center area of the bathroom. Generally, one light fixture is good enough for this spot. And lastly, you can have one or two light fixtures on your shower area.

Now that we have an idea on the placement of the fixture, we can now move on to what kind of bathroom lighting chrome would be an ideal choice. For the sconces on the mirror you can either choose a one bulb sconce or a multi-bulb sconce. Generally, designers opt for a one bulb sconce on each side of the mirror and then have a multi-bulb sconce above the setup. Now my sister has always told me that a bathroom lighting chrome flush mount or a semi flush mount works best for the center of the room. However, I prefer to go the more artistic route and opt for a mini chandelier. A chrome mini chandelier in a big enough bathroom will change it from a simple bathroom to a lavatory fit for a queen. Next on the list would be the shower area. A lot of people opt for a recessed light in this spot, but I prefer the progress shower light since you can direct the light anywhere you want. That means you’re not limited on the center of the shower area. If you want, you can even position the lighting on the walls and then direct the light to where you normally stand when taking a shower. watch video here

With that said, to add further appeal to your bathroom lighting chrome motif we can add a hint of accent here and there. The best thing about chromes is that it is the color silver, which means it’s a neutral color. And all neutral colors go well with other colors. If you have a lot of wooden furniture and wood like decorations in the bathroom, then it will blend well with chrome. You won’t be limited to bland colors like white, grays, or blacks. A scarlet shower curtain coupled with the bathroom lighting chrome makes for a modern look. Throw in a black and white spotted rug in the mix and you’ll get a truly futuristic look to your bathroom. The things you can do with bathroom lighting chrome are endless. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors and playing with ideas in your head. The moment you have an idea that feels right then I’m sure that it will look splendid once carried out in your bathroom.